The candidates for the social aid services council present themselves


Damien Filippi

My main interests are culture and positive relations between people. Kraainem could do better where culture is concerned. I am committed to working hard for a commune where everybody has a reasonable standard of living. Add to that a touch of green policies and you get the cocktail that my wife and I have been serving for years to our two children, aged nine and ten. I would like to share this also in the OCMW/CPAS in a constructive way.

Ingrid Leyman

I am a trained nurse and also hold a degree from Brussels University in hospital management. I have with disabled children for 20 years before focusing on working with pre-school child centres. My husband is Dutch-speaking and our two boys were brought up in Dutch and French. We are convinced that a command of different languages is an asset for everyone. Through Kraainem-Unie I want to contribute to improving the quality of life in Kraainem for the very young but also for elderly and disadvantaged people.

Philippe de Posson

I moved to Kraainem two years ago but have known Kraainem-Unie for longer. I joined them because I liked their political independence. After years of working in the world of finance and management I chose to become a massage therapist five years ago. My candidature for the OCMW/CPAS is in line with my professional development: I want to be at people’s disposal because I believe I have something to offer them.


Colette Storms

I was raised in French and Dutch since early childhood. It was a determining factor in my career in higher education where, for 40 years, I trained translators and interpreters. I have always liked being involved in bringing together people speaking different languages, Belgians and expats, old and young…For the last three years I have been a volunteer in a school in Brussels teaching kids of pre-school age from many different origins, and I enjoy every minute of it.

Alain Dooms

My professional background is varied (law, project management, ICT). I have a strong belief that a rational approach is the best way to solve human problems. Kraainem-Unie is an organization after my own heart in that it seeks to multiply skills by combining them rather than setting people against each other. Social problems today are complex and call for rational management of that complexity, not for simplistic solutions.

Isabelle Decooman

I am 43 years old, married and mother of three children, who are brought up in a bilingual environment. I work as a nurse at St. Luc (half time) and also as an independent visiting nurse in Kraainem and elsewhere. I have known Kraainem-Unie for six years, but this year I decided to join them to support their programme in the OCMW/CPAS. I believe that local issues should be handled by local people.

Anne-Marie Maistriau

I have a diploma (in singing) from the Brussels and Mons music academies and I lead the choir at St Dominic’s in Kraainem. Before I retired I managed a firm that organized seminars for business leaders. I am an honorary member of the Belgian Women Business Leaders association (Liège section). Kraainem is a wonderful place to live, and I support Kraainem-Unie in its efforts to ensure that every inhabitant feels welcome and accepted here.


Laurent De Meutter

I am a civil engineer by training, fully bilingual, and I am a director of a Belgian telecom company. I am married, with three children, who have attended both the Dutch- and French-speaking local schools. My main motivation is to develop an equal opportunities policy, to empower people without discrimination on the basis of language, origin, state of health, or age. This calls for respect for people and high ethical standards on the part of those who are at their service.

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