Our candidates for the town council present themselves


Bertrand Waucquez

Engineer by training, I work as a consultant in the energy sector in the building industry, and my main focus is on projects relating to air quality. I have worked abroad and speak several languages, including Chinese. Languages are an enrichment and an opportunity, not a problem. Given the challenges we’re facing (climate, air quality, demographic change,…), I am fully commited to improving the quality of life in our commune.

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Marie-France Constant

Commercial engineer by training, I have considerable experience in marketing. Married and mother of two teenagers, raised in French and Dutch, I strongly believe that multilingualism is a source of human and cultural enrichment. I am a co-founder of Kraainem-Unie. For the last six years I have been a town councellor and I am more than ever convinced that we can pay a major part in improving the management of Kraainem. My main interests are environment, culture, and sport.

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Carel Edwards

I am a member of the town council because I cannot accept that the management of our commune remains in the hands of an ambitious but incompetent group of people. I want to repare the damage caused by years poor management and hypocrisy. I am fully commited to doing this for another six years, and to proving that good management is a matter of dedication and expertise rather than political posturing.

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Vinciane De Meutter

I am an accountancy teacher and I love my job. I am married and mother of three children who go to both schools in Kraainem. I was active for ten years in the parent’s association of our Flemish school. Conflicts, wether communal, linguistic or personal are never in the general interest. That’s why I am convinced that with our close-knit and dedicated team we can change things in Kraainem!

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André Ivanszky

I have an MBA and I have been working for more than 25 years in corporate finance. I manage multilingual and multicultural teams on a daily basis. I am committed to my family, my friends and Kraainem-Unie. I consider listening, understanding and acting in the general interest to be a basic civic duty. My priority is to improve the efficiency and the transparency of the way the budget is run.

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Siska Hallemeesch

I have an MBA in international management and I have been active for more than 25 years in sales and marketing in IT and telecom companies. I speak three languages fluently and I am convinced that multilingualism is an asset in our society. I am married and mother of two boys. Through Kraainem-Unie I want to commit myself as a citizen to transparency in governance and competent management. My main focus is on the problems that affect our two schools, child care and after-school activities.

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Nathalie Woitrin

I am the mother of a 12 years old teenager who goes to the Flemish school. I want to commit myself to the political life of my commune. My field of expertise is public relations; social networks and communication have no secrets for me. I like working with people and want to contribute to changing the culture of the council to a more constructive body with a greater regard for the real interests of the people of Kraainem. The great quality of Kraainem-Unie is its openness and focus on local life.

Philippe Blockmans

I am 48 years old, married and father of three children raised in a bilingual environment. Fluent in three languages, I work as an analyst in the automotive industry, my focus being on connected cars. I was a member of the parent’s association for 10 years, and I am now member of the board of the gymnastics club where my children go. I joined Kraainem-Unie six years ago as I was attracted by the multilingualism of the movement and its independence from the traditional parties.

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Anja Vermeulen

I work in the world of finance and I am mother of two children. I am active in the parent’s association of the Flemish school, “Smart Cities”, “Wokra in Transition” and take part in the “Kraainem Zero Waste” project. I used not to be interested in politics until I came to realize that politics have an effect on our daily lives: after school activities, a safe and secure environment, better mobility for our citizens…, in short, a better place to live.

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Patrizio Grillo

Born in Brussels from Italian parents, I spent my childhood in Italy. I studied engineering in Louvain-La-Neuve. I worked in Antwerp for 12 years where I learned to speak Dutch. Over the years I have got to know the culture of the three Belgian regions. I currently work in the transport and mobility sectors. I  want to commit myself to a better quality of life in Kraainem, concentrating on specific technical issues: mobility, noise and air pollution, the ring, infrastructure…

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Annelise Forton

I am 22 years old. My brother, my sister and myself were educated in the two national languages and this has always been an added value for us. I attended our flemish school for nine years and as a child I have done a lot of sports and activities in our commune such as badminton, gymnastics and music. I am supporting Kraainem-Unie because it’s a citizen’s initiative that commits itself 100% to the inhabitants of Kraainem.


Benoît Penelle

Engineer by training, I have worked for 16 years as an IT consultant. Since 2010, I teach IT in a Brussels technical college. My wife and I have lived in Kraainem since 20 years. Our three sons went to the Flemish school “De Klimboom”. I joined Kraainem-Unie because it’s a bilingual, dynamic and independent movement that aims essentially at the wellbeing of the inhabitants through a transparent and efficient management of the commune.

Véronique Kruys

I am married and mother of three children (22, 20 and 16 years old). I have a doctorate in science and I teach biochemistry at the Free University of Brussels. I am doing research in genetics and I manage a laboratory. I have lived in Kraainem for 21 years and I firmly believe that the inhabitants of our commune deserve a better management, one that is really at their service. From the beginning I have committed myself to Kraainem-Unie because this multilingual movement seems to be the only way to achieve that goal.

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Renaud Dainville

I am a commercial engineer and I work in marketing in a multinational ICT company. My professional experience has convinced me of the reality of a global and multi-cultural society. I am 53 years old, tri-lingual and father of two sons aged 10 and 12. With Kraainem-Unie I want to achieve better public management based on objective arguments, without partisan politics or linguistic politics, with respect for all citizens of all origins and backgrounds.

David Wansink

I am a dutchman who has lived in Belgium for 25 years, and in Kraainem since 2009. My languages are English, French, Dutch and Spanish. I work  in Human Resources – wellbeing within one of the European institutions. My Spanish wife and myself have three children. I enjoy living in Kraainem and I would like to improve things in our pleasant “gemeente”, essentially at the infrastructures level.

Brigitte du Bois d’Aische

I have been a member of Kraainem-Unie since it was set up in 2012. Today, it is more than ever a dynamic and responsible citizen movement. I fully share its commitment to improve things in Kraainem. I like the way it operates in a positive spirit of down-to-earth cooperation and commitment. Our aim is to make things change in Kraainem, not by playing politics but by putting the citizens first.

Arthur De Veirman

I am 20 years old and have lived in Kraainem since I was born. I am bilingual, raised in Dutch and French. I have attended Kraainem’s Flemish school and played tennis for several years at KTC. I am currently studying geology at the KU Leuven. I love sports like tennis and horse riding. I support Kraainem-Unie for a better management of our commune for the younger generation.


Christelle Anquez

I have a doctorate in Pharmacy, I am mother of two children and am convinced European citizen of the world. I have worked for four years in the US and I now work for a European industrial federation. My children go to the Flemish school, we speak French and English at home and my husband is half Austrian. Openness to the world and to others, and respect for the environment are important to me. I believe in an active and participatory democracy!

Dimitri Haikin

I am 54 years old, married and father of a young man of 18. I have been a psychologist and psychotherapist in Kraainem since 2005 and am sensitive to what people feel and think. I joined Kraainem-Unie to make a practical contribution to solving certain issues. If elected, I will commit myself to reducing airplane noise and pollution that has been a problem in Kraainem for years.

Marie-Sophie Cornet d’Elzius

I have a masters degree and am in charge of communication in a private company. I love my job. I am married and have two boys who happily attend the Flemish school. Having lived in Kraainem for more than 20 years, I feel close to the values of Kraainem-Unie: integrity, transparency, priority to the citizen regardless of his origin or language. I am convinced that a wind of change is blowing and that we are placing the interests of our citizens above politics.

Hubert Descamps

I am a lawer and also have a masters degree from UCL. During my career a worked in the food industry and in the health sector. I am retired but I remain very active in environmental management issues. I also work as a volunteer in a legal office in Brussels. I have lived in Kraainem for 50 years and I wish to bring to Kraainem-Unie my experience in order to restore some level of serenity to the administration of this beautiful village.


Liliane Lathouwers

I am a retired teacher and am 71 years old. I am Flemish by birth and  have studied in French. I have been living in Kraainem since 1953. With Kraainem-Unie, I’d like to invest myself to improve the quality of life in our commune. I want to be constructive in order to find solutions to the problems that are facing us.

Johan Forton

I am an agronomist/engineer and I work as a consultant in the agricultural and environmental sectors. I am 53 years old, father of three children, all of them raised in the two languages. My oldest daughter has finished her studies as a bio-engineer, my second is training to be a nurse, and my son goes to the atheneum of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. For the last six years I have been a town councellor and there is still a lot to do for our “gemeente”. My fields are the environment, waste management, mobility, youth and education.

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